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Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

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Re: Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

@CFM they said the same thing to me. I followed @Red1Blue @advice and filed a dispute online. If you're within the 6 month time frame go find the items you want to dispute online under reason select "other" in the remarks box put "Accounts are too old to be on file. Requesting early exclusion" and submit. I did this and before I could get back to the home page the results were back and the accounts were deleted from my report. I wouldn't do this with inquiries. Only the files that are due to fall off within 6 months. 

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Re: Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

I had them cancel my open disputes. I re file them online. I goot one up with Experian. They even toss my inquires in the trash all but one. 

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Re: Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

I just pulled a freash copy of the Transunion report and it clean. no charge offs. collections zero. 

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Re: Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

THe only baddie I have left is two charge offs from Chase that are due to fall off here within 2 months at max.  Equifax wont budge on the eary exclusion at all. I have to dispute them and I already poked the bear many times with the many disputes I have filed, loss and refiled . Needless to say some of them arent too happy with me but the law is clear. I have a right to duspute inforation in my credit report. So in the end I have won some  battles but wether some of these banks will welcome me back is yet to be seen. 

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Re: Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

RE: TU Early exclusion

I just did one a couple of days ago through their website, it was removed almost instantly after submitting. If its 6 months or less before the 7 year mark, they should honor the EE. 

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Re: Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

I just did a EE today with TU. Did it direct on TU's dispute tool online, and selected "too old to be on file" (something like that) and in the comments added "Requesting Early Exclusion, account due to drop on soon". Within about 5 minutes I got an email and every charge-off and collection (there was about 14.....) were removed. Unfortunately, I still have 3 baddies, two 30days on an auto from 2015, a charge-off reporting incorrectly, and a charge-off due to drop off in September. So I don't expect a score bump but will find out tomorrow. Who knows. At least all the collections were removed. Pretty neat to finally see my file with 0 Smiley Happy


I may try to EE the one dropping off in September tomorrow. But that is right outside the 6 months. And the way I understand it, with TU they won't update the credit report till the dispute is complete, and it won't be complete till all items are finished. I will report back tomorrow if I get it somehow.


So my recommendation is only EE accounts that are within the 6 months if you want a quick result. Although I did have a few due to drop off in August and wasn't sure if I was to count the current month as 1 or start with March. So I took a gamble and it paid off Smiley Happy

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Re: Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

Just received an email from Transunion that the previous dispute was complete.. and as expected they kept it on with a small change.


Immediately disputed online.. and was immediately DELETED!!!

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Re: Is Early Exclusion even a thing?

@Red1Blue wrote:

@Credit_Master wrote:

@Red1Blue can you advise what site you used to submit the dispute. I just signed up for a Transunion account on their site and when going through the dispute process they only give two options for reason for dispute (not mine / inaccurate). I don't see a "other" choice.

On TU, I choose "inaccurate" / Check mark "This account is too old to be on my Report" / In the addtional comments section i put "This account is too old. I am requesting early exclusion. Please remove this from my report"


Make sure it is with in 6 months from the date they say it will drop off. Once you submit the request it will drop off with in minutes. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Advocating the use of a dispute in this manner is against the credit repair guidelines of this board. You cannot advocate the disputing of valid credit information or use the excuse that it is too old unless it has passed the 7.5 yr mark from the DoFD. This thread is now closed to futher comment.

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