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Is it 7 or 10 year credit rule for BK?

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Is it 7 or 10 year credit rule for BK?

I have a CH7 Bankruptcy that was filled 2/2001 and discharged in 7/2001, before the BAPCPA 2005 law was inacted. I just pulled up my credit report. It seems that the credit reporting agencies want to continue to list this BK on file until 2/2011. Is this legal? The 2005 Act specifies for a BK to stay on your credit for 10 years. The BAPCPA was enacted I believe around Oct 2005. Shouldn't the credit reporting agencies be going by the 7 year rule and not the 10 year rule, since I filled over 4 years before the BAPCPA was enacted? They seem to think the law is retroactive. Any ideas?
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Re: Is it 7 or 10 year credit rule for BK?

Sect. 605 of the FCRA says 10 yrs.
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