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Is it worth disputing this?


Is it worth disputing this?

I have some late pays on an old Toyota loan (which is now closed and paid off)... they are reporting a 60 day late (amongst the cluster of 30 days late I had) . 

I am wondering:


These late pays are from 2012-

 6x 30 days and 1x 60 

I know the 60 day is not accurate


Is disputing the 60 day late even worth it at this point? I want to try and qualify for a car loan in the next few months.

Is it better to dispute with snail mail CMRR or should I do it online? Does it make a difference? 

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Re: snail mail or online?

I've been doing both with faster success online.

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Re: snail mail or online?


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Re: Is it worth disputing this?

I just wrote a GW letter for a 30 day late with Wells Fargo. It was an auto loan. I don't even remember if the late was valid or not. I figured it was worth a shot. The account is closed and paid in full. Still haven't heard back or noticed that it's dropped off... guess we will see!


I think it's always worth a shot to get baddies removed. 5-10 minutes to type a letter and the cost of a stamp seems well worth it to gain a few points on your score!

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