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Is there a credit fairy?

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Is there a credit fairy?

Get home from work, check my email and see your dispute is complete from experian. Go huh? What dispute? Scroll down a couple hours and see an email your dispute is now open,  again what dispute? Figure it's a scam email, so go to experian site. Had my last baddie with them come off! 31 point increase to 711! Now credit fairy go do your magic on equifax!

But it's weird, I never opened a dispute! 

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Re: Is there a credit fairy?

Kinda. More like a mix between the tooth fairy and santa claus. If you put your clean credit report under your pillow, she'll give you approvals to good cards. But only if you've been good and don't have a bunch of inquiries and/or new credit. Remember, she sees you when you're apping.

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