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Is this a justified dispute w/ Chase?

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Is this a justified dispute w/ Chase?

Is this a justifiable dispute:


This is my Chase account as reported by one CRA:


As you can see, The "Amount Paid" column shows 0 after February 2014.  The Balance does show a reduction.


These are the actual payments I  submitted:

As I said previously, I have agreed to pay a CA 3 installments representing roughly 65% of the 3156 balance.  I have made one of those payments.  The current May balance reflects that.  Please note, Chase is reporting this to the CRAs, but the CA is who I have been talking to.


QUESTION:  Is this enough to dispute the trade line?  I would think them reporting 0 in amount paid when I clearly sent payments is not ok.   How would I enter the dispute?  I would prefer the whole account be removed.  Is that possible/likely?

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Re: Is this a justified dispute w/ Chase?

You can always dispute any information in your credit file that is considered to be inaccurate.


The object of any dispute is to get information corrected, not to require deletion of the information if it can be corrected.

It is not a violation of the FCRA to have reported inaccurate information, it is a violation to report information with knowledge that it is inaccurate.


The furnisher always has the option to simply correct any inaccuracy as the resoltuion of a dispute.

Deletion is only mandated if they can neither verify that the informaiton is accurate as currently reported, or update the informtion so as to overcome an inaccuracy.


\in the situation where the balance has been reduced but the report fails to explciity report a payment that resulted in the reductiion of the balance, that is an easlily correctible error. 

If you want the report to explicity show the amount of the payment, then you can pursue its correction.  I would first attempt to get it corrected informally by calling the creditor and requesting they update.  I would reserve an formal dispute if you cant get it corrected informally.


Personally, I would wait until the account was paid before pursuing such a monthly accounting. 

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Re: Is this a justified dispute w/ Chase?

Getting the amount paid updated isn't going to change your FICO score, and it won't make much difference to someone doing a manual review of the account.  The account has defaulted and is a major derogatory.  Any of the details other than the balance, available credit and payment status aren't really affecting your score.

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