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Is this a valid 'pay for delete'?


Is this a valid 'pay for delete'?

Hi! I'm a newbie to these forums and I'm looking for some insight from anyone willing to help. In advance, your help is greatly appreciated. I disputed a debt listed on my credit report from CREDIT CORRECTION SERVICES. The debt came back as valid and therefore wasn't removed. I called the company and spoke with a representative who said that they would remove it from my credit report if I paid the debt in full. They directed me my account on their website where it states this (see below).


Do you think this is a valid 'pay for delete'? I omitted some of the information for my privacy.


AMOUNT AS OF 07/26/13: $ 1xx.xx
This message will confirm our intention to remove the above referenced account from the credit bureau(s) upon receipt of full payment. Thank you for your cooperation.


In accordance with Federal Law, we are required to make the following statement: this is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This communication was sent by a debt collector.
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Re: Is this a valid 'pay for delete'?

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Re: Is this a valid 'pay for delete'?

Me too!

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Re: Is this a valid 'pay for delete'?

Thank you so much for your input! I will likely proceed with paying this debt in full. I will post an update once I've confirmed that the debt has been removed.

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