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Is this reason to dispute...

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Is this reason to dispute...

or am I grasping at straws? I've pulled my 3 annuals and have been comparing the dates of an old but recently added collection. The account is from around 2009. I got the dunning dated March 29th and I PIF in less than 2 weeks.


There's a paragraph on the dunning that states..."if you fail to resolve this balance, this account many be reported to one or more national credit bureaus." I did, and it already had been. Trickery. Apparently they had been reporting on Ex since Dec '12. But, this also means that no dunning was sent within 5 days of their placing it on my credit report...


What to do...





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Re: Is this reason to dispute...

No you can't dispute it for the reason I think you're getting at...
Besides you've already paid the debt In full.

GW the company--

Good things to actually dispute-
Incorrect balances/payments
Chances are if you do find a reason to dispute and the balance has been PIF they probably will not waste their resources responding to verify correct reporting-
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Re: Is this reason to dispute...

I paid it quickly because it was a nominal amount and didn't feel it was worth the risk of a new collection hitting. Had I known they were already reporting, I would not have. Yet another reason for a good CMS. Smiley Sad


Thanks for your input!

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Re: Is this reason to dispute...

Get your GW printed up and get it in the mail.  Good Luck!

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