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Issues with TransUnion

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Issues with TransUnion

Well I cant access TransUnion online to dispute anything and i cant view my credit report online either.  I was able to do this until a few weeks ago.  I just got a email from them over a dispute I had placed before this.  The email didnt go into details about the decision.  It just said to login to see the results but I cant.  So looks like I will just have to order a free copy of my report in the mail over being turned down for a JCP CC.  It took me forever to find the form to mail in.  I tried calling but they couldnt verify my information.  Transunion is VERY frustrating out of all 3 credit agencys.

01/10/09: - TransUnion: 500 / Equifax: 521, / Experian: 566
Filed BK 02/24/2012
06/06/2014: - Transunion:509 / Equifax:513 ,/ Experian: 551
07/28/2014: - Transunion:487 / Equifax:467 ,/ Experian: 574
08/04/2014: - Transunion:516 / Equifax:555 ,/ Experian: 584

07/25/2014: - Transunion:516 / Equifax:541 ,/ Experian: 574
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Re: Issues with TransUnion



The same thing happen to me today. Maybe the dispute system is down.

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Re: Issues with TransUnion

TransUnion = pain in the butt lol

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