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It's been a long road…

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It's been a long road…

A few years ago, like many people, I got into some finacial issues. Subsequently, my scores went down into the mid-500s. I started rebuilding almost immediately. The one real pain I was dealing with, to no one's surprise, was Capital One. They kept reporting month over month about the previous issues.


In the meantime, I had managed to rebuild into the upper 600s. I used secured cards, high interest cards, etc... and it was working well. Except for that one Capital One account. In September, the CapOne account disappeared from Equifax. That score skyrocketed into the 740s. Big deal, nobody pays attention to them post-hack anyway. At the same time, for no decernable reason, TransUnion dropped down to around 600.

A little patience here paid off. Because one day the CapOne account vanished from TU and Experian. They both jumped up into the 730s!


And they've maintained at those levels. So for the first time in years, all three scores are well into the 700s. This makes me a happy man.


It can be done!

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Re: It's been a long road…

keep grinding my friend. Congrats. I too delt with some stuff, I went from 3 judgements and 8 collection accounts and sitting around 530s, I disputd and worked hard to get these removed, I am now upper 600s and approved for alot of great stuff. I am currently gardening to pay these cards off and enjoy some time. 

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Re: It's been a long road…

Congratulations on your credit rebuilding! And thank you for sharing your story!

Gardening until...

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