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JcPenney / Security Credit Services?

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JcPenney / Security Credit Services?

I think this is a long shot but does anyone out there have any experience or advice for dealing with Security Credit Services LLC?

Quick recap:


 - Opened a JCP charge in 2005, 2009-2010 were bad years for me DOFD on this account was 7/2009.  JCP closed & CO 10/2010 transferred account to Security Credit Services LLC.

 - Security Credit Services only reporting on EQ & EX $1293 past due balance opened 11/2010, DOLA 11/2009, status as of 1/2011 is 120+ days past due. 

 - Received letter fom Mercantile Adjustors called them they are agents collecting for SCS  who is their client and are trying to collect $1,988.70 for the debt.

 - Verified with JCP that SCS is the collector currently holding the account


Ugh, what to do?  I don't have the $$ to pay the entire thing but this debt is a priority of mine to get removed since it is reporting a past due balance.  Has anyone had any luck PFD SCS?  How about getting GECRB/JcPenney to remove a charge-off?  Were you able to get a JCP card again after having a charge off?  This is the only charge off that I have that I really regret messing up and I would love to get it back someday. Thanks in advance.





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Re: JcPenney / Security Credit Services?

Do not deal with Mercantile! I had one agent call me 27 times in one day. She was extremely rude, cursing and saying. "Well, why can you pay your other bills but not us?" I asked what they were collecting on and she wouldn't provide that information over the phone, just the amount, which didn't even sound familiar. I told her that she would have to send me something in writting with all the previous creditor information. She then proceeded to tell me "Oh so you're not gonna pay, you are going to go to jail b#tch."


I was seriously flabbergasted, as I have never been treated this way. I told her to never speak to me that way and cease all collection activity immediately. I really wish I had recorded that call!!!! When I did get the paperwork sent to not only my current address but my previous address also(parents home), it was for an account that was stolen and fradulently used. My creditor at the time, marked it as such and I was told that the account was cleared. I was given another number and the account was bought by Chase Bank, I closed that account 5 years ago because they failed to increase my credit limit and I had them for 6 years. So long story short, they tried to collect on a fraud account from 2001. I haven't  a clue how they even got that information!!


Needless to say, I feel for ya! MA is by far the worst company to deal with. I would send a debt verification combined with a cease and desist notice to them immediately!

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