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Jcpenney denial


Jcpenney denial

I have rebuilt my score from 518 to 667 over the past two years, I applied for a Jcpenney card and got denied. Does anyone know what their minimum is? I have only 2 accounts on my report that are bad- and they are both one 30 day late. No repossessions, bankruptcies, etc.

What gives?

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Re: Jcpenney denial

That's so weird.  JCP was my first card after bk and I'm certain my scores were in the 500's back then when they gave me the card.


I think sometimes it helps to apply at the register vs. online.  Maybe??

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Re: Jcpenney denial

Welcome to the forums,


CC are not approved by credit scores alone.Your score maybe ok with JCPenneys,they may had an issue with employment,income.etc.

IME,  I received a letter stating the reason why I was denied.


Some letters will give you a reason, while others tell you to pull your CR's.


Contact JC penneys and ask if they will reconsider, and if they says no, ask why.

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