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Jefferson Capital Systems

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Jefferson Capital Systems

I get an alert today about something that is now reporting on my credit reports. Not knowing what it was, I am angry to find out that a CA that was deleted from my credit report is now on my Experian report (again), but that I also have a recent late payment. Well, seeing as the only open card that I have is my Barclays card, and I have yet to receive it in the mail, I have no clue what it is for.


Jefferson Capital Systems has decided that they are going to update my Equifax report with a 120 day late.


So, not sure if this is some fluke with 3-1 reporting, I get my EQ report...guess what? No fluke there, they really are reporting a 120 day late, whereas they have been reporting as OK since Jan 2011.


Let's not even mention that on TU, they are listing themselves as a "factoring company account"


So my question is this...what should I do now? This 120 late stuff is nonsense and I want it gone now.

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Re: Jefferson Capital Systems

So Jefferson Capital is listing monthly payment information?  That's a NO NO.  A CA cannot do that.  The only way they can even try to is by listing as a Factoring Company.

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Re: Jefferson Capital Systems

I would send them a direct dispute, asserting inaccuracy in reporting a delinquency.


I would make the following points:

1.  I have no account agreement with you upon which to base a delinquency in payment.

2.  Even assuming that you consider your ownership of the asserted debt to give rise to an "account agreement" with me, you sent no billing statement with a due date upon which to base any reporting of a delinquency in payment.  Reporting of a delinquency to a credit reporting agency requires a clear billing due date, and expiration of more than 30 days from that date.  You have made no such prior attempt at billing.

3. My prior activity on any account with the original creditor is not reportable by you as activity under your collection account with the credit reporting agency.

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