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Jefferson Capital Systems

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: Jefferson Capital Systems

I paid them recently in a settlement and they removed the collection account from all bureaus very quickly, within the same month.
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Re: Jefferson Capital Systems

Im hopping the same.
Yesterday thwir account got chnaged pn my TU report to a Credit line with no balance

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Re: Jefferson Capital Systems

Seriously, relax. It will get deleted 

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Re: Jefferson Capital Systems

Yes, the best thing to do is wait. I've read stories of people being way too impatient and screwing things up even more. The time will go by fast and you'll have this collection removed soon. Trust me, I know how you feel!

I think I've found the sacred map that may lead me to this garden everyone keeps talking about.

Officially collection free as of 3/19/19!!
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