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Jefferson Capital

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Jefferson Capital

Hey Guys I need your help. First of all in February 2008 my bankruptcy was discharged and it included an account that went to collections after the discharge date. Do a collection agency have the right to put on my credit report after the fact or should it be removed? By the way it has come back verified and EQ won't remove. What other recourse do I have at this point?

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Re: Jefferson Capital

You have an account that WAS included in your BK but went to collections after it was discharged?


No it is not legal.  As you know, once a debt is discharged by the bankruptcy court, it is gone.  The discharge turns the automatic stay into something akin to a permanent injunction that prohibits creditors form trying to collect the debt.


I would let them know, by a certified letter, showing it was included in the BK.  If they do not remove it you will sue them.


Jefferson Capitol is horrible.  They have been sued for doing exactly the same thing.

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