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Judgement in another state

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Judgement in another state

Hello ! New-ish here more of a lurker than a poster.

I have a judgement from cap1 in 2009 ish. Total of 1833 $ with interest and everything

A friend of mine I used to live with got a letter from their lawyers today saying they would settle for 1099.94 $ now with tax time coming in I can actually settle this (finally)

I'm not sure why he is still getting my mail because the credit bureau has my current address and so does the post office. I'm almost positive this is how they got the judgement in the first place because I don't remember ever getting any official papers.

My question is does someone have a letter I can send to them to remove all tradelines from all three CR's? And get them to file a motion to vacate judement ? I no longer live in the state they filed the judgement in and it would be a pain in the ass for me to fly up there because I have a 4 month old baby :/ I have every intention to pay this debt I just would love to get it all removed if i pay it so my husband and I can buy a house next year.

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Re: Judgement in another state

Is the judgment from 2009?


Credit bueaus have nothing to do with mail. 


Are you saying you never went to court over this?  If not, they got a default judgment.


You will need to contact the court where it was filed.  Tell them you were never served and want to see about vacating it.  Without it being vacated you probably can't have it removed from your CR.  Easily anyway.

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Re: Judgement in another state

If no letter I would just appreciate any advice at all! 


Still a newbie but I have already learned so so much from these forums. 

im desperate to hear If anyone has been in my situation and what you did. 


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy 

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Re: Judgement in another state

Thanks for the reply!


Yes The judgement is from 2009. 

 i know that they have nothig to do with the mail but when my address has been updated everywhere I'm not sure why they are sending letters 

to a place I haven't lived at for 4 years. Sorry if I am not being very clear I am on my iPhone and the autocorrect is awful :/ 

indeed I did not go court over this..

I don't want to fight them honestly just want to pay and get thi judgement removed and the OC and CA off my reports 


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Re: Judgement in another state

Then call the attorney who handled the case and ask if you pay it will they vacate it.  That would be the fastest way to do it.


Once it was paid, then you would need to send GW letters to the OC and the CA.

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Re: Judgement in another state

Thanks so much ! 


I am little afraid to just call about It. Wouldn't it's be more "official" if I wrote a letter? 

If it honestly doesn't matter I will just call them and speak with them.

I am afraid to pay them though and then they turn around and not honor the deal. 


I guess with a judgement I shouldnt be too picky and just take what I can get. Smiley Sad

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Re: Judgement in another state

If they say yes you can ask for it in writing.  Or you can send them a letter.  It really doesn't matter.


I would be afraid they would garnish my wages if that is allowed in your state.




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Re: Judgement in another state

I am afraid of that too. currently a stay at home mom and my husband works. 

But I am afraid they will lien our taxes. this debt was from before we were married though. 

We both have mediocre cars paid in full and own a decent mobile home. Not sure if they can take any of that away. 


I I think I'm go call in a few days and see what's up. 

Thanks for all of your help!

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