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Judgment set aside!!!! HAPPY :)

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Re: UPDATE: Steps to Vacate. I need HELP!!!!

Below is the reply I sent back to the attorney on Monday. I haven't heard a peep back from him. I sure don't want to be annoying, but I also don't want to fall through the cracks. 


Do you folks think I should touch base with him today, or do you think I should just sit tight and wait it out?


Hi Xxxxx,

Thank you for following up with me.
Is Generic Credit Inc. opposed to a Motion to Vacate? That would remove the entry from my credit reports altogether. The fact that it is a paid judgment has no material impact on my credit reports, surprisingly. It was such a small amount, and I paid everything in full the moment I was aware of its existence. 

I'm basing my request on Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, which states that the fact that this judgment is now paid is a valid reason to petition the court for relief from the judgment. Rule 60 (b) (4), which says: (4) the judgment has been satisfied, released or discharged, or a prior judgment upon which it is based has been reversed or otherwise vacated, or it is no longer equitable that the judgment should have prospective application


I hope this helps to clarify my request, and that your client will be willing to do this. As I mentioned before, I am prepared to pay any costs associated with this request.


Warm regards,


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