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Just PIF Midland...sort of.


Just PIF Midland...sort of.

Finally broke down and called Midland since they hadn't responded to my PFD letter I sent on 2/6/13. I had offered 30% and figured they wouldn't quite go for that but was at least hoping to hear something from them. Long story short, they didn't accept that offer but when I called I got them to take a 50% discount which I thought was pretty good considering they hadn't ever offered that to me and I had read here on the boards that the lowest they will go is 40%. Anyway me being the bargin shopper I like to think I am, I asked if they would take $40 less to make it a nice round number for me and they took it! The rep had to ask her manager but they took it which means I actually paid about 47%!


I tried hard to get them to PFD but they wouldn't have it Smiley Sad I will be sending them a letter to have them remove the Dispute comment on the account and then will begin my GW war!


Just wanted to share, hope everyone has a great weekend!

2/6/15: Credit Karma: 626
4/23/13: TU 615, EX 600, EQ 581
1/16/13: TU 585, EX 525, EQ 514
Goal: Purchase Second Home ASAP

Cards: Cap1 Secured - $300; Authorized User on Chase Card: $5500.
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