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Just Venting - Paid state tax lien fiasco

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Just Venting - Paid state tax lien fiasco

I had a small hobby business in 2009-10 and closed it down early 2010 but forgot to send that info to the Florida Tax Rev office which resulted in a $300 tax bill (which was normally under $50).  I should have called and cleared it up then, but didn't and ended up with a $300 tax lien on my CR (but only TU).  I called first of March and they took the amount down to $214 and I sent in a check which cleared 3/7.  I called a couple times over the next few weeks and people would check it and say no, call back.


So I called back 4/4 (almost a month later) and the girl said, there's still a $4 balance, that's why it's not gone thru.  WHAT?  Why did no one else say that when I called for the last month? So I immediately paid it and she sent me an emailed receipt and said that she would push it thru right then and should only take a few days and she'd send me a letter of satisfaction (gave her my updated address).  So fast forward to today 5/5 and I've check and called every week and keep getting different excuses of why it's not updated yet NOR have I received a Satisfaction Letter.  I called 4/19 and the girl was said, oh, it needs to be pushed back thru...and did it, and again gave her my updated address.


I called Tuesday of this week AGAIN and there's still no change.  Now they're getting snotty with me like it's my fault. There's nothing I can really do on my end but just wait...but I've never seen anything so back asswards ever.  I know I should have handled this earlier and this should have never happened in the first place, so I've tried to be kind.


In the meantime of all this, I settled a judgement, paid it and it's been updated on the records.

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Re: Just Venting - Paid state tax lien fiasco

They are not dealing with any CRA they are sending the info to the county recorder and they dont deal with CRAs either. A runner that is sent to collect this type of info from companies like Lexis Nexis needs to get the info that it has been paid along with other info and then they sell the info to the CRA. I would just dispute it as having been paid directly with the CRA.

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