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Just a thanks to everyone on here!!

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Just a thanks to everyone on here!!

Well, I have been absent on the boards here lately, but things have been extremely hectic in my life.


Here's an update if any of you happen to remember me..


Well I started on this board with horrible credit. And around 19 negatives on my credit report. As of today, I have two negatives, both closed and due to fall off next year. 


The turn around since I last was on is that me and my Fiance got our first car together. She is the main signer and I am the co-signer. One month in and my credit has actually gone up slightly. Brand new 2013 Hyundai Veloster!! This is killer news for me considering a year ago I was being laughed out of every dealership I went to. The other great news is we are in the pre-approval process for our first mortgage! We don't plan on doing much until January since we have that long left in our lease. But this is insanely good news for me. I never thought I would get there! Just wanted to thank everyone who put in all the effort and resources that helped me get to where I wanted to be credit wise!!!!! Still a lot of work to be done to get in the 800's but hopefully all of this work will pay off!!


I will be back on the forums daily again from today on! lol

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