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Just paid two collection accounts

Just paid two collection accounts

Hello all,


I don't really post much, just mainly browse the forums for information.  Well, I'm in the process of joining the military and need a secret clearance.  The secret clearance requires that I not have any adverse credit info such as collections, bankruptcies, judgments.  At the time, I had 3 small balance collection accounts.  I've paid 2 of the three thus far.  I've listed the two accounts as they appeared on my Transunion and Experian report.  They were scheduled to fall of within the next 3-4 years, however I needed them to be showed as Paid in Full.  My question:  By paying these accounts, have I completely F'd up the possiblity of them falling off on the dates indicated? I know I may take a ding to my FICO, but that isn't my primary concern right now.


-Bay Area Credit Services


Date Placed for Collections: 06/2008

Estimated Date Item will be removed: 10/2012

Balance: $79

Date Updated: 07/2008

Original Creditor: ATT West

Amount Paid (paid today): $129 for Paid in Full


This account became first delinquent some time in 2004.


-Credit Bureau Associates

Estimated Date Item will be removed: 07/2011

Balance: $30

Original Creditor: UC Davis

Amount Paid (paid yesterday): $45 for Paid in full


This account became first delinquent some time in 2005





Are the estimated date of removal stated on the reports final and binding.  I would hate for this information to reported after the 7-7.5 year mark simply because I made a payment.  The balances are rather small, and my FICO score is in the 690-720 range, I think because these accounts are rather old.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Just paid two collection accounts

If this helps...When my DoD Secret was in the works, I had 4 collection accts, plus... Cap 1 written off/bad debt, plus... a cc showing 30, 60, 90, 120, c/o...sold to collections, plus...another cc with 4- 30 day lates & 2- 60 day lates,  (and more actually) Although I began paying some of this off, I KNOW it wasn't good because all the negative info was there....paid or not.  I still got my clearance.


I'd pay up what you can asap, but I think they're mainly looking for someone who has a 40k income & is 100k in cc debt.  That's a red flag...basically, they are someone who could be paid by an enemy for secret information... 


If your debts aren't astronomical, but a situation that any normal joe could find themself should be fine.

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Re: Just paid two collection accounts

Yeah you're right.  My baddies were those three collection accounts, which combined for a total of $256.
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Re: Just paid two collection accounts

It is my understanding from these forums that payment on items such as those should NOT re-age your account, so it should not impact when they disappear from your reports.

Even so, I would keep a copy of the reports from all 3 agencies showing the information about the age and when they're due to come off, just in case someone does attempt to re-age them illegally.


Good luck!

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Re: Just paid two collection accounts

Accounts fall of 7 - 7.5 years from the DOFD.  Nothing changes this date. 


The only thing that is affected by a payment would be the SOL.



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