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KD - questions


KD - questions

Hello. My husband is in the middle of rehabbing his student loans thru ISAC (Illinois Student Assistance Commission). He has made 7 of his 9 payments. I was looking at his EX FAKO report and I am confused on how ISAC is reporting his loans. They are acting as the CA for Sallie Mae. He has two ISAC TL, each reporting as closed and each with a past due amount ($14/$136) and then a total balance of what is owed. The payment history shows as "KD" from October - March. Is this correct? And why would they be reporting such a strange past due amount? He pays $155/month and it has never been late....

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Re: KD - questions

The code KD is something EX uses.  In and of itself it doesn't hurt your score but the underlying account probably does.  It means CO, foreclosure, BK, etc.


From what I know about SL, the TL will be in default until he completes rehab then the default status will be removed.


As for the payment amounts and when the KD is showing I am not sure.

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