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Kia Motor Finance Goodwill Letter Success

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Kia Motor Finance Goodwill Letter Success

I just wanted to post this because this something that I personally searched for recently.


I wrote a goodwill letter asking them to remove the last two late payments and the reason why I was late. It took a little more than a month but I received two letters (one for me and one for my spouse) stating they would update their records and to allow 30-60 days to reflect on credit reports. However, as of this morning- the update was already showing AND they removed 6 MONTHS and not just two.


Even though we had only missed one payment- we could never come up with enough extra to pay the missed payment + current due. We did finally get caught up but not before our credit showed many 30 days late.


Hope this helps someone interested.



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Re: Kia Motor Finance Goodwill Letter Success

Sweet, enjoy Smiley Happy
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Re: Kia Motor Finance Goodwill Letter Success

Hello - do you mind sharing who you addressed the letter too?
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Re: Kia Motor Finance Goodwill Letter Success

Same. Please PM me who you dealt with at Kia for Goodwill success. Thanks
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Re: Kia Motor Finance Goodwill Letter Success

Hi! Can you please provide the address where you sent the goodwill letter? Thanks very much!!
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