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Kinda a complex question. Please help.

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Kinda a complex question. Please help.

Hello. I currently have a medical debt though a CA Rash and Curtis. The original amount is below $500. They were collecting on behalf of a Doctors Office. I offered a PFD. The amount was over 800 dollars with interest and such. I told them I would pay the original amount. They wanted a 100 over that for the PFD. So I thought I might as well try to contact the OC and go that route. Turns out the Dr is no longer has his private practice and since has moved on to being employed by a hospital. So there was no way to get in contact with his former practice.

Am I still liable for this debt? I have a very strong feeling that if I were to pay this CA that all they would do it pocket the money and never pay the OC any money since there really is no one to pay.

Also the debt will fall off my report next August. I did dispute it a few months ago with the bureaus. Came back verified. I will now send a DV to the CA


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Re: Kinda a complex question. Please help.

I would like to add I tried to research this on the internet with no luck. If anyone knows someone that I could contact about my situation please PM me. Thank you
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Re: Kinda a complex question. Please help.

You are liable for any legitimate debt until it is satisfied.  So it never goes away until it is paid.


However, state statutes set limitations upon how long a party has to bring legal action to obtain a court-ordered judgment on the debt, thus permitting them to follow with a court-ordered taking of funds or property in satisfaction of that judgment.


If your state SOL has expired, you are beyond their use of the courts for recovery.


A DV at this point will most likely be untimely, and thus compel no response on their part.  As for a dispute, I see no assertion of inaccuracy in the debt or its reporting, so have no idea what consituted the basis for a dispute.


Even if you contacted and paid the OC, that would not compel the debt collector to delete their reporting.

You can wait for its normal exclusion from your CR, or press for a PFD.  I dont see basis for compelling earlier deletion.



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Re: Kinda a complex question. Please help.

Thank you Robert. I live in CA so im well passed the SOL. My dispute was the amount. The OC amount was different on 3 reports and so was the amount the CA was seeking.
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