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LVNV Funding - Removed

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Re: LVNV Funding - Removed

LVNV is my last collectiona ccount, It is paid in full however I am unable to get them to remove it since they don't accept PFD. With that being said may I ask what you disputed so I can give it a shot? Could anything bad happen from disputing it since its paid in full?

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Re: LVNV Funding - Removed

@gooty1  a lot of bad things can happen when disputing valid reporting, and I am pretty sure this was covered in your previous threads. 


I am glad it worked out for OP, but it does not work for majority of people. 

Again, if it comes back as verified, your score will drop because update to negative account makes delinquency appear more recent for scoring purposes.


You're however more than welcome to try. If anything, it will provide some interesting data points. 

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