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LVNV Resurgent - Tribute Card Deleted

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LVNV Resurgent - Tribute Card Deleted

LVNV recently reported an old charged off card from 2008 called the tribute card on my reports.


I beleive this card was serviced by Compu Credit and therefore should have been subject to the FTC order issued in 2008 against Compu Credit.


It is not listed specifically in the order but after some online research I did find that the tribute card was serviced by Compu Credit.


I filed a BBB complaint citing the FTC order that stipulates the removal of tradlines related to credit cards issued by Compu Credit. I attached a copy of the actual FTC order as well.


I received a response from LVNV today stating that "while they did not find any mishandlings of the account alleged in the complaint, they have submited a request to delete the tradline from all 3 major reporting agencies. Please allow 30 -45 days for this update to occur.


The BBB has proven to be quite a useful tool when dealing with collection agencies.

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