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Hi, if you have any information that would help me with getting a DV from LVNV I would greatly appreciate it. Contact info,'s all appreciated.

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Can you please pm any information to help with removing LVNV. Thanks!

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Can you please tell me how you removed LVNV and the judgement?

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I'm jumping in on this thread. First post here. Hello, all! That being said, I would also like any info anyone else has on how to defeat LVNV funding. I went on a credit clearing spree, and paid everyone off that I could. However, LVNV funding was never able to give me info on the debt that I owed. They have the account listed as 'Opening' in August of '08, and the last reported activity as being in January '08. Filed the online dispute, and it states that it says it meets the FCRA. LVNV has never sent me the records I requested showing the original creditor, but it matched with Credit One Bank, which was actually opened in '01. 


I know that a DV letter to them (which will be my 3rd, by the way) is probably the best step. What exactly do they have to provide to me that meets the requirements of debt validation? I want to be as specific as possible in this last letter. 


Again, anyone with any hepful tips on how they managed to deal with these people would be more than helpful. I have absolutely NO problem paying down debts that I owe and paid down every thing on my report to $0, but these people... whew. Rude. The only thing I asked from them was the full account history. I had been paying on a Capital One debt when LVNV began contacting me, and honestly believed they were contacting me in error about a debt that I was already paying on. 

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Infantry 08, I am having my own LVNV drama. I sent them a PFD. They came back with we have no record of the account. I responded back with find it or get it off my credit report or its game on. On March 28 they closed the account according to my TU report. I'm still waiting on their response. I'll give it a few more days since we're having issues with the mailman being incapable of delivering the mail to the proper place. How I end up with mail for someone two streets over on a regular basis is beyond my understanding. Anyway back to LVNV from what I've read they seem to respond pretty well to BBB complaints. That's my next step unless the mailman gets new glasses or a GPS soon.

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These guys are so sketchy. On my TU they show as a 'factoring company'. 

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I have filed a BBB on them.  One account, they came back and actually provided statements.  The other just a name and same info you can get from a credit report.  On that one, they have reaged it (it appears) as it is showing to fall off 5 months later than the OC.   I rebutted their answer and I am waiting to hear again.  

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Can anyone send me some informationals on how they fought LVNV? I do not want to be rude and re-post my story on all he threads.. I just need somewhere to begin with this dispute.


Anything will help,




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i would also like some information on how to fight these guys.  How were some of you successful in getting this removed from your credit report. I'm just starting on my credit repair journey and could use any and all help.


Thanks in advance!!

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