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Last Charge Off

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Last Charge Off

Sorry for all the questions on this. I paid my last charge off so I'm waiting for it to update. The last collection has been removed from two reports but I'm just waiting for everything to update. I reached out to the OC to see if it could update on this billing cycle and they said that it could take up to 60 days. Which I knew. My question is can I dispute and upload the paid off letter from the CA when I get it to update faster or will that mess something up? I'm trying to buy a house ASAP. Now I'm just trying to pay my credit card debt down. I'm at 48% on one and 68% on the other two. It went up since they closed my Victoria secret account which was always current and had 0 balance. See my other posts on that drama. 

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Re: Last Charge Off

No, don't do that, because actually the CRAs specifically instruct creditors NOT to delete tradelines upon repayment. So a dispute with the letter would be counterproductive. You would definitely mess things up and delay the deletion even further.

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