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Late Credit Card Payment Question

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Late Credit Card Payment Question

My wife paid her credit card off which was just over $16k. We knew there would be interest to pay still but wasn't sure on the amount so we just waited until the next month to factor it. Well the interest owed was $159 which was due on the 9th of this month. For some reason it showed the minimum payment as the full $159 and my wife only paid $50 of it. I have no idea why she did that but now it's showing her account as past due. Again, the payment was due in full on the 9th so my question is if she pays the rest before it's 30 days late will they not report it or is she gonna take a hit on her credit report? It's Bank of America. Thanks everyone!


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Re: Late Credit Card Payment Question

Pay the remainder now or before 09/09. That would be 30 days late.

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Re: Late Credit Card Payment Question

Like FireMedic said as long as she pays it before 30 days then by law they can not report it as late. 

Internally though, it might affect her in her future apps with them. 

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