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Late Payments Due to Medical Illness

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Late Payments Due to Medical Illness

I have four lates on my CRs:

May 2017 - 30 Day
May 2016 - 30 Day
August 2016 - 30 Day
September 2016 - 30 Day

During those months I was in and out of doctor offices, urgent cares, and the ER. I was fully aware and capable during this time but the stress of bearing the news I was given distracted me and I let two accounts run late.

Long story short I found my EOB and it lists me being either at the doctor, urgent care, and ER 16 times during those months and the months leading up to it.

If I submit my EOB will it be enough to remove the lates? Should I get a letter from the doctors? I still see two of them. I tried a round of GW letters but got nada. Figured I try asking nicely before getting too personal.

How likely are they willing to help with actual medical documentation and how specific should I get?
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Re: Late Payments Due to Medical Illness

Unfortunately I don't think creditors care why you were late, just that you were late. I guess it never hurts to try but I don't think they will change the listing.

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