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Late payments reported after IIB?

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Late payments reported after IIB?

As my husband and I are working on rebuilding our credits, I've become a bit obsessive with going over our reports. Upon checking our last ones - there are several accounts reporting late payments from last month (Mar 2019) even though our bankruptcy was discharged Apr 2018 and these accounts were included! Why would they be doing this? Who do I have to contact to get them removed? The credit bureau? Or the creditor? I know this is hurting my score because Experian states it's been "0" months since my last late payment which is showing "Poor" ... I need to get this fixed ASAP! We've done so good until this point Smiley Sad 

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Re: Late payments reported after IIB?

DIspute with the CRAs and indicate the accounts were IIB and cannot be late post month of filing for BK.

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