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Late payments

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Late payments

I had 2 months that I was late in my mortgage and sent a "GW" letter. They denied it and stated the reason being is that is accurate in stating I was late. Is there anything else I can do or a different "GW" letter to use. I used the one on here when I sent the letter in hopes they would reverse it. Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can change my lenders mind in reversing the late pays on my account. I am current now and have been current with all my other bills. I paid off $15K in credit card debt but still have about 39% owing in credit card debt, I am trying as money will permit to pay some more down. I was hoping to get my score up so that I can refinance my loan since it is a interest only fixed loan.
Right now my score on equifax is about 617.  Smiley Sad
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Need assistance in GW letter for late pays

Any suggestions on a new GW letter to my lender?
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Re: Need assistance in GW letter for late pays

How long have you been paying this mtg?  How long ago were the lates??  How late were they?
All these make a difference.  Even with those on your cr, you can go to another lender with a fresh report in hand & show them that you have been responsible over the last few ARE worthy of another chance.
Another lender just might be the ticket.  And please...whatever you do ... try to get better terms.  Interest may as well be renting because the place will NEVER be yours.  Smiley Mad
Edit: As far as the company you're with.  I wouldn't try another GW just yet. Over time you might end up with another CS rep in that seat who's willing to help.  Just an idea...

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