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Leaning but need advice on plan of attack

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Leaning but need advice on plan of attack

Hi again, I have reviewed the tons of information this forum has to offer, and I think I know what the steps I need to take in order to start rebuilding my credit.  I have several collection accounts I would like to start working on.  I just need advice on what steps should be done before others? Here are some courses of action I have thought of, I just dont know which one would be best to start with.  The next one in each list is assuming I dont get the results I am seeking from the first option.
1. DV the collection agency ->Dispute with Credit Bureau -> Send a PFD?
or would it be better to start with
2. Dispute with the Credit Bureau - DV the collection agency - send pfd?
Can DVs be sent at any time or only if I JUST found out about the debt?
Thank you all for your continued assistance to my questions!
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Re: Leaning but need advice on plan of attack

If the account is not can:

1. Dispute with the CRAs...if it comes back verified...send a DV to the CA...if they verify...send them a PFD letter...


2. Go straight to CA...send them a DV letter...if they verify...send them a PFD letter...
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