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Loan officer recommended I use

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Re: Loan officer recommended I use

They do have quite the business model...

Its like a lock and safe company also being a central repository for detailed US data on who's been robbed and which homes have been broken into recently.. 

I'm sure they have a great track record at collecting outstanding debts for businesses on those customers who've come to their site and given them permission to run and keep their credit files.. Can you imagine what an awesome business that is.. Its like those ads you see police put in the paper with names of people they've been looking for and have been trying to arrest for something.. the police place an ad in the paper with their names listed, claiming that they won something and to show up at xyz to collect your prize.. when the criminals show up, they are arrested..

Example.. I have a judgment that I've heard nothing on for years and years, I've just ignored it.. I go to their site and give them all of my info to run my credit report, and surprise, a week later I get a "professional " letter from them, or more likely from someone they are affiliated with, offering to "help" me settle the judgment.. I wonder what happens if I ignore them.. Think about how much money they make on "helping" to satisfy that judgment.. Fox guarding the hen house if you ask me..  Just my thoughts on it by reading their ABOUT US page.. It says they do exactly what I point out.. They just word is differently..  hehe..



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