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Local Med Collection - Does this sound about right?

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Local Med Collection - Does this sound about right?

I stumbled onto these forums after looking into the Sallie Mae boondoggle, and I am so happy I did.  I was previously resigned to sending payments to the CAs, reducing my utilization, and hoping for the best in about 7 years.  But now I feel determined to play the game right, and get 'er fixed as much as I can, using the experience gain by y'alls' hard fought battles  So thanks in advance!
Here's my deal, I have two med collections from a small town dentist and doctor - insurance goof I didn't deal with, and then I moved and let things go.  Smiley Sad  Never again!
Anyway, they both went to the same local CA around January, and they reported to CRA in March.  My game plan is to offer a PFD for both account to the CA, although I would be making bi-weekly installment payments for the next 4-months.  Obviously, I wouldn't expect the delete until the last payment was made. 
Does this sound about right?  Is there any reason I should go to the OCs first, if the CA has already reported? 
I also have one other collection, from 2006.  I can PIF in July.  Should I just offer a PFD then, or should I just attempt a PFD with installments now?  I'm guessing that CAs are happier with a bird in hand, and the two months won't be a deal in the big picture, but I don't know.
Thanks again!
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Re: Local Med Collection - Does this sound about right?

Nope - Try paying the OCs directly before offering a PFD to the CA.
It's starting to sound like the Gov't with all these acronyms flying around...
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Please Comment, someone, on a nice PFD to a Med Clinic

Will somebody give me some feedback on the letter below?
It's going to a medical clinic that turned over my account to a CA in January, who reported it in March.  I don't know if they sold or assigned it.
It's a small clinic in a small town.  And they are all very nice, and I'm sure they would want to work with me.
But I'm not sure if they will know what to do with the request.  They might think that once the CA has it, it's a done deal. 
Is this the right track?

Doctor’s Clinic

1001 West Main St

Anywhere, OR 44444


Re: Collection for Account #: 00000xxxx

Amount: $423.00

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

I was a patient at the Main Street Clinic in 2007, and was very happy with my doctor.  Unfortunately, due to a major upheaval in my life, I was not responsive in paying the amount that I owed.  For this I apologize, and I intend to make amends.

If it is possible, however, I respectfully request that you attempt to submit the original bill to my insurance carrier at the time.  I have included a copy of my insurance card.  If I recall, I did not have provided my insurance information at the time of treatment, and was negligent in following up on the matter.  I would consider it a great courtesy if you could attempt to do so at this time.

However, if this is not successful, I am willing to pay this account for 100% of the amount shown on my credit report pulled March 11, 2008 if you agree to immediate remove this debt from the Collection Agency, and also have Small Town Collection Agency, LLC delete this account from any and all credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion).

If you agree to the terms and accept this agreement, certified funds for the full amount of twenty-five dollars ($423.00) will be sent to Doctor’s Clinic in exchange for full deletion of ALL references regarding this account from my credit files and full satisfaction of the debt.

Doctor’s Clinic agrees to remove this debt from Small Town Collection Agency, LLC, and also have Small Town Collection Agency, LLC, delete ALL information regarding this account from the credit reporting agencies within twenty-one calendar (21) days following receipt of payment as specified above.

If you agree to the above terms, please prepare a letter on your company letterhead explicitly agreeing to the same terms as the above settlement offer and have it signed by an authorized representative of Doctor’s Clinic. It will be implied that this letter shall constitute a legally binding contract, enforceable under the laws of the state of Oregon.

Thank you for your consideration.

Please address all correspondence regarding this account to:


123 Any Street

City, Not Oregon

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