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Long Credit Repair in the making

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Long Credit Repair in the making

I have a ton of bad debt. 


Currently EX Fico8 is 566 


PRA 4 Collections totaling $12500 Currently offeing me 55% off

Lvnv 3 Collections toataling $17500 Currently offering 70% off

Midland only 1 Collection  $4500 Currently offering 45% off

None of those OC are reporting balances


Now I have a few COs also and they are reporting balances but they have not updated the CO on Credit Report in 12 month or more.


I have some money but what actions do you think i need to get me to 650 score in 60 days? 


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Re: Long Credit Repair in the making

Also Two of the COs are Sychorny both with $11k Each. How much will Synchrony settle for?

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Re: Long Credit Repair in the making

Well the good news is all three of those collection agencies will PFD, so if you accept their settlement offers and pay them, they'll all be gone within 60 days and *may* get you that 650, although with unpaid COs still showing, you may still be short.


As for what Sync will settle for, only way yo find out is to call and ask.

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