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Looking for advice on Synchrony/PayPal Credit goodwill letters

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Looking for advice on Synchrony/PayPal Credit goodwill letters

So basically I was undiagnosed bipolar and didn't get diagnosed until 2020. And didn't get treatment until 2021. I had 3 charged off credit cards and an auto loan that I stopped paying on. Those were all in 2017 and will be removed this year (already gone from Transunion).


That would be awesome, but... In my final manic episode I got a PayPal Credit card through Synchrony. Immediately maxed it out and stopped paying. Then I paid a couple months, crashed into a depression and stopped paying again... The delinquencies are:


April 2020 - 30 days late

May 2020 - 60 days late

June 2020 - 90 days late

September 2020 - 30 days late

January 2021 - 30 days late

Then I paid it off in full.


Since I started treatment, I haven't had a single delinquency. I've paid all my bills on time and now have $10k+ available credit. I also have a Care Credit card and an Amazon credit card in good standing, both through Synchrony. I wrote an email and sent it to a few Synchrony executives. One responded within a couple hours saying that delinquencies don't affect your score after 2 years (I wish...). 


The second response I got was from the office of the president. It said they will contact me within 2 business days, and if they don't, they'll mail me a letter within 10 business days. Unfortunately, it's been 20 business days, and I've only gotten radio silence. I followed up a couple times, but they just aren't responding at all.. 


Hoping someone has some insight as I've seen a few posts saying they've had success with getting accounts removed. My life is seriously night and day different now that I've received treatment. I paid off all my debt, bought a $15k car and paid it off in one year and have gotten my Transunion Fico8 up to 700. I just really don't want to wait until 2028 to have this fall off because regardless of the algorithms used for scoring, it does not have any effect on my current creditworthiness. Thank you!

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Re: Looking for advice on Synchrony/PayPal Credit goodwill letters

Every successful story I've seen regarding Synchrony goodwill removal came as a result of persistence, continuing to contact them, so that would be my advice... keep at it! Congratulations on getting treatment, and all your positive results. 

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Re: Looking for advice on Synchrony/PayPal Credit goodwill letters

Thank you, Joe! I'll keep at it and I may try mailing some physical letters as well

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Re: Looking for advice on Synchrony/PayPal Credit goodwill letters

I'm looking for the email list that I should send my Goodwill attempt to. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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