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Looking for advice.

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Re: Looking for advice.

Ok, so i should send GW to everyone that has been paid, but still shows up on my CR?


Lets say I have Bank A on my report and they sold my account to Collector B. I paid Collector B, but both are still showing on my report. Do I send a letter to both?

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Re: Looking for advice.

Yes, you would send a GW to both.

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Re: Looking for advice.

OK, Thanks.

I read a few GW on this forum and have a starting point.

From what I understand, it can take upto a month for a reply.


One last question, can I just call them or stick with a letter?


I'll revive this topic again once I have a update, I'll also keep a eye here for any new advice.

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Re: Looking for advice.

I received a letter from one of the banks, Chase.


It states that they are unable to request the removal of the late payment. Delinquency information is furnished to the credit bureaus when two consecutive payments are missed. To preserve the integrity of the credit gueau reprting system, we are unable to alter valid information that was previously reported.


Whats my next step? Do I call the number?

I was really hoping this would work.



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