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Hello guys,


I have a questions about what to do with Merrick Bank.


I owe them: $235.00

ONRT: April 2022


I reviewed my credit report and it is still reporting a balance and is dinging my credit every month. The account is still currently in the SOL in my state till April. I called today and wanted to ask some questions and PFD. They told me that the account is with an outside agency and they no longer have the account in house. I said really? Cus I don't see anyother CA reporting it other than you guys. She said its an agency call True Accord. I called True Accord and was told by them that, they don't report to CA they are just a 3rd party collections.


So I'm a little confused then. We want to pay it off and be done with the dinging of credit every month. I know it looks just as back by paying it. But will the CA report to Merrick that the account was paid and no longer report. I could not get a clear answer from them. I've seen that Merrick won't ussually do a PFD. So my only choice is to just pay it.


Has anyone had recent history with them? Let me know....


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Re: MERRICK BANK: Chargeoff

You can make them a pay for not reporting offer.

If they accept, then you have a formal contract agreement that will prevent them from reporting.

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Re: MERRICK BANK: Chargeoff

Hey Robert, I’m not sure I understand. True accord said they don’t ever report to CA. If I did a pay for not reporting it would really be for nothing. Merrill is however still reporting a balance on a charge off that is not in house for collections but with a 3rd party that doesn’t report EVER. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m about to lose my marbles.

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Re: MERRICK BANK: Chargeoff

Hey, CEO of TrueAccord here. Here's how it goes: clients like Merrick report to credit bureaus and we don't report for them. But, to pay, they want you to pay through us as their collections partner. Once you pay through TrueAccord, Merrick updates the report (e.g. paid in full or settled in full).

If you have more questions, feel free to email me at Ohad(at) TrueAccord (dot) com
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Re: MERRICK BANK: Chargeoff

If the SOL is up in April, I say ride it out. If you have a bad conscience pay it after it's off your CR.

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