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nicholasyud wrote:

snsforever916 wrote:

If someone could PM me how they dealt with Midland, I would greatly appreciate it. I went the BBB route and they just failed to respond.

how is that fail to response ?


They failed to respond to my rebuttal on my  BBB complaint. It's a common practice with Midland. They do not have to respond to a BBB complaint if they do not want to. My next step is going to be AG. But since I work for the AG, I'm trying not to go that route.


On a side note, If you are not willing to share basic information on the route you took PFD, BBB, FTC, AG, calling, e-mailing or snail mail...then please keep your "I got this deleted." We are all here to help and if you are unwilling to share any information on your process, then just do not post.

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At least I'm heading in the right direction!!!

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CONGRATS!! Can you please send me the info for Midland I have two accts with them that I've been disputing for a few months with NO LUCK. 



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Can you be so kind as to send me the letter used to have them deleted? Thanks in Advance.

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As with the previous posters I'd like to know how you were able to get a victory with Midland?  Please feel free to message me if you don't want to post.  Thanks

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Could I get the information also

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Congrats!!! I had a Midland deleted on my Experian (it never showed on my Equifax) and I am currently trying to wait patiently for the completion of my Transunion dispute with them. My account has been paid since Aug 2011, so I'm really hoping they won't even bother since it's paid. When I had them deleted from Experian, all I did was an online dispute and it was gone within a week.

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Hi tehre, I have 2 unpaid collections with them. Do you suggest I pay them  first or do a PFD?

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Can you please PM the contact you have for midland.

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i've been trying to get this deleted all month -- various emails. I'm even guessing email addresses from the company website & naming arrangements.


I received a generic response email asking me to call regarding my inquiry. then I received a voicemail from a rep in Consumer Support Services. When I called him back, he told me that they will NOT delete records of accounts that have been PIF. I PIF in March 2012, before I knew about the forums. It was only ~$200. I wish I knew about PFD back then because right now, he is telling me that they wont delete satisfied accounts -- which is absurd..... UGh. I need help with this Midland baddie. Does anyone have any MORE contacts or better methods?

I have a list of email addresses, but no one else has responded but this one  guy.

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have you tried to dispute it through the CRA's? Some posters have claimed that Midland does not respond to accounts once they are paid..

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