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MIdland Funding


MIdland Funding

I recently received a "Pre-Legal Notification" from Midland Funding in the amount of $1512 and after pulling my CR, they show a DOFD of 03/2006.  I believe they have the incorrect date and that they are out of the SOL however I don't have anything to prove this.   They note the OC is CIT Bank (which I is Dell Financial Services) which is not on my CR either to look back at the history with them.  Would CIT Bank have this information still...? What should I do...?   Please help!  I don't want this to go to an attorney or end up in court over this!

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Re: MIdland Funding

Midland is a bully.  THey have a whole trashbag full of dirty tricks that they pull.   Which state are you in?  If you are outside the statute of limitations, all you have to do is tell them to suck eggs.  Then if they do sue you in court, you show up, tell the judge its out of the sol, he ll say case dismissed.   If they dont in fact intend to sue you, and its but an idle threat, thats a violation of the fdcpa.   If in addition the notice isnt from an actual law firm, and it s just an intimidation stunt i believe that is  a violation as well.   Oh and one more thing, you may want to look up robosigning as well.  Midland is getting in a LOT of trouble as in sued by attorney generals an such for this.

 Good luck,


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