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Macy's Help!

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Macy's Help!

Hey everyone! Hopefully someone can help me or give me some advice.. I have a Macy's credit card that was charged off from a few years ago.... It was not sold, just charged off. The thing is I would be willing to pay this account. Even in full! I tryed to send a PFD letter and I got a response back today explaining that they will NOT delete from my credit reports even after payment. 


Does anyone have any good contact information for Macy's? Email addresses? Phone Numbers?


My credit limit was only 100$! And now my balance is 340$ I would seriously pay the 340$ right now if they would accept my PFD offer. 


What should I do now?

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Re: Macy's Help!

Jill, I had a late removed by Macy's.  Write to Edited Credit/CS PO Box 8220 Mason, OH 45040


Edited to remove contact's name.  Please feel free to PM this information.


Shogun, myFICO moderator.

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Re: Macy's Help!

You probably should PM that type of information.  We aren't supposed to put names and things like that in posts.

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