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Maine's office of consumer credit regulation just contacted me

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Maine's office of consumer credit regulation just contacted me

I just received a letter from the Maine office of consumer credit regulation. Apparently the AG referred this case to them.

From what I have been told this agency has a lot of weight and could make things difficult for TU if they don't follow the law and I do not believe they have.

I disputed a TL from HSBC on my wife's TU report (It's reporting on all three) that we know is reporting wrong. It came back verified. I then sent out an OC letter to HSBC and a MOV letter to TU.

TU responded that this TL had already been verified and was now considered frivolous. They will no long accept my disputes unless I have documentation. Needless to say they did not provide MOV.

Shortly thereafter HSBC sent a response to the OC letter I sent saying the account had been sold. They did not include anything else. No billing records, statements, account activity, nothing. I do not feel they accurately validated.

So once again I sent TU another MOV letter and I also informed them that HSBC failed to provide accurate validation and that the account should be deleted. That was almost two months ago now. I never heard a word from TU. So once again they failed to provide MOV and on another note even when I sent in additional documents my demand was ignored.

I'm hoping that this agency will be of some help.
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