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Making OLD CA's go away

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Making OLD CA's go away

I have been contacted by 2 CA trying to collect "my" debt on something I have no knowledge of. I know that I have defaulted on some cars before, but I either cleared it up with them or I don't recognize the banks these CAs claim I have debt with. The debt is waaaaaay past SOL and past 7 years reporting. Yet, they called me and send me bills. I have nothing from these CAs or banks on my CRs.


What do I need to do to make them go away? Send them DV and tell them that if they can't validate it that they must cease all attempts? I know they really cant do anything now other than keep sending me stuff, since I told them to stop calling me, but I want to get it over with. I don't recognize the names of the banks and all they can tell me on the phone is that it is mine.


Please adivse...

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Re: Making OLD CA's go away

If you are certain they are past the SOL, then you can send a cease & desist letter, telling them not to contact you anymore.  Other than that, you can't really do anything.  At least nothing I know about Smiley Happy

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Re: Making OLD CA's go away




Just send them a CMRRR letter informing them to no longer contact you via telephone.  


They can send you letters until they run out of postage but if you let them know that you are aware that the debt is out of statute then they will leave you alone eventually.

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Re: Making OLD CA's go away

Yep, I am sure. Its like 9 year old debt if in fact it is even mine. I was thinking to have them validate them, and if its mine, I'd offer them like $50 to get it over with so that they have me out of their systems. Smiley Happy

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