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Married name-credit question.....

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Married name-credit question.....

Hi All, I am very very new here!


I have a question thats boggling my mind.

I Got married 2 years ago, and have kept my original last name instead of changing it over right away. My credit , has been very poor because of some stupid decisions in my youth. I have no idea what my credit score is but I haven't paid any debtors back so I can only imagine its terrible.


I recently went and started to get things changed into my married name. I broke my old cell phone and I applied for a new one and offered my new married name , I got approved( to my shock), with a 300 cap limit on the cell phone account.


About 4 months later I thought to myself, I need to get a secured credit card of some sort to try to repair some of this damage, so I applied for a CC, and got approved with a very small limit( 300 dollars), unsecured-- which completely shocked me again.


Is there a loop hole in the system? I feel like i slipped through the cracks on  getting a cell phone and a credit card. On my SSN I changed my last name, but, when i go to apply for phone/credit they didn't ask me to provide that specific information. Maybe I got set up as a "new" credit file accidently?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to believe my credit is starting to repair it'self but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet....


Thanks for reading



edited to add:

Oh , and one other question to add to my post,


if I did slip through the cracks, i assume they would eventually merge the new account with my original credit file.... so would my new found cred(phone/unsecured card) help me boost those scores? Thanks!

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Re: Married name-credit question.....

Hard to tell, could have not caught up to you yet, could become a split file.

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Re: Married name-credit question.....

If there was only one SSN used then it's the same file. Maybe the baddies, if any, aren't impacting as bad and/or deleted already. Cell phones are fairly easy to obtain and some CCs tend to be easy to get even with bad credit. Definitely pull your reports though.

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Re: Married name-credit question.....

I rceently changed my last name -- went through a transition process with it too -- since my maiden name became my second middle name (very confusing to creditors lol).


My file was not split though nor did "the system" think that I was someone new. Your baddies have probably just aged and have started hurting your score less or something. . . Pull your CR and see if you have multiple names in the "name" section, it's always funny to see my 12 aliases on my credit profile.

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