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Massive TU Point Jump

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Massive TU Point Jump

So I have a seemingly awkward question.  About a year and a half ago I started a rebuilding effort on my CR's in an effort to increase my scores.  Rehabbed old student loans, got a Orchard Bank card (before the Cap 1 acq.), and just started more "healthy" behavior.


One of my student loan accounts was owned by the state, and I paid it off.  The "guarantor" updated their status to "paid closed".  I was shocked to open up my TU report and find that it had jumped from 588 to 647!  Oddly though, I checked my EX score (signed up w/ and it has not shown any jump at all.  


I got the full report from EX and it showed the updated status, but the old status of "Claim filed with government" is still showing on the EX site.  Is TU just out of whack, or would it be reasonable to expect similar jumps?


The jump itself seemed odd to me, and I am expecting that my TU score will drop "in line" and just got excited.  Not sure, but I have been hooked on this community over the last year, so I figured this would be a good place to start.



Starting Score: TU:550 EX:545
Current Score: TU:647 EX:593
Goal Score: 700's

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