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Med Collection With a Different Kind Of Problem

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Med Collection With a Different Kind Of Problem

I need to get a med collection account removed. I started with the HIPAA method.


I went online, and payed the bill. I used the acct number that I was given when I DV'ed the CA a while ago. I got confirmation of the payment acceptance, the money was deducted from my acct by the hospital's central billing office. I have a dispute filed with the CRA's. Today I looked up the number to the service provider and called them to get the contact info for the HIPAA compliance officer. I told the lady who the service provider was and stated that it was from a few years ago. She told me that the provider was no longer in business.


Now what? With the constant hospital take overs and conglomerate health care providers (UPMC) who the hell did I pay? How can the CA validate a debt to a company that is no longer in business? I need to get this removed asap as I am currently looking for a house.

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Re: Med Collection With a Different Kind Of Problem

Since you filed a dispute with the CRA's, that you paid the OC and not the CA. I would wait to see, what the results are.


As to finding out who you paid, I would contact the hopsital billing office about it.


Good Luck to you, and keep us informed to what is happening.Smiley Wink

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