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Medical Collection Scam - EX Dispute

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Medical Collection Scam - EX Dispute

Woke up this morning to an Experian new collection credit alert and my reaction was "**bleep** &*@!~". Researched the collection source some random Florida radiology place unfoundedly ran me through collections for $62 - was PO'd!  Found several reviews this company "Florida Radiology L.C." is a known collection scam.  Not sure how they got my information but I've never had any dealings with any radiology in over a year.  Anyhow, immediately disputed online with Experian and within two hours the collection was deleted.  I just hope i don't dinged for this and if I do I would expect Experian to correct any lost points if needed over this scam.  



Florida Collection ScamFlorida Collection Scam

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Re: Medical Collection Scam - EX Dispute

Did you use a radioligy unit 6.5 years ago? This seems to have been an old collection if you look at the date it was suposed to fall off. That would be why EX deleted it immediately, EE takes place I assume.

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Re: Medical Collection Scam - EX Dispute

@RobynJ  -  Yes, I would agree I've used radiologist over the last 6yrs.  Just interesting I've never used this radiologist before and their location is nowhere near me.  Glad I've learned of it now and equally glad EX removed it immediately.  Hope and prayer don't want my scores drop from this stupidity. 

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