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Medical Collections Question

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Medical Collections Question

I think I messed up.


I had a medical collection, which was unpaid, but showed as closed on my credit report.


Next thing I know, right before I contact them about paying, they contact me.  So, I call them back, they never returned my call but I got a bill in the mail, saying they were going to send it to the legal department and report it on my credit report if I didn't pay.  So I paid.


My question is, this second bill I got is for the same original debt, but different account numbers.


If the closed collection account is showing up on my credit report, can I follow the HIPPA letter writing process to get it off, even if it's not the account number I paid?  It's the same original debt, but I didn't pay that one, I paid the second one (which was higher, because of interest).

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