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Medical Collections


Re: Medical Collections

I paid the CA

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Re: Medical Collections

We are not supposed to discuss the HIPAA process on this forum.  Haven't been able to for quiet some time.

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Re: Medical Collections

Lasardo could you please send me the HIPAA info also. I have about 5 medical collections on my credit from a while back when I was sick and they are they only thing on there. I would love to be able to have these removed.

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Re: Medical Collections

I would also like this information,thank you.

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Re: Medical Collections

Can I please be PM'd The HIPAA process info as well. Thanks in Advance :-)

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Re: Medical Collections

Im in the same boat. Can you please send me the information for the HIPPA process so I can get rid of these stupid medical collections as well.  Thank you.

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Re: Medical Collections

PM me Hippa process please

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Re: Medical Collections

Hi, Can you please PM me the HIPAA info for medical collections.  Thanks!

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Re: Medical Collections

Google works well for this information.
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