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Medical Data Systems -


Medical Data Systems -

Hi Everyone,


Has anyone had any luck with Medical Data Systems removing baddies off your credit report?  I have 2, which are paid in Full ( pd to CA ) - I am trying to buy my first home and these are really lowering my credit score.  Based on the USAA simulator my credit score could go up over 100 + points if these were removed -  I actually have 1 more also through Berks Credit and Collections.. 


Also, what effect does maxing out your credit cards have on your score?  I have 3 with all maxed ( at least 95% ).  I plan on paying off within the month. 

According to USAA they are also saying b/c my Credit Limit is less than $1K my score is low as well. (My highest is $750.00)


Sorry for my lack of knowledge, just starting out and you all have been great here and the wealth of info I have found on this site!!! 



Jennifer Smiley Happy 

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Re: Medical Data Systems -

I have been trying to get them to remove a collection for over a year now. There CSR tells me they can't remove any lates but I'm still sending letters. Would like to know if anyone else had any luck. I didn't pay the CA I paid the OC.

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